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69% of people say ratings and reviews are important when buying home items

In a tough climate, the home and garden companies who survive and thrive will be those who understand what consumers like and dislike, and deliver accordingly.

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  • How the home and garden sector is in a state of flux as digital continues to transform the way consumers research and make purchases

  • The huge opportunities for home and garden retailers who listen to what their audience really wants

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Did you know?

Review stars in search can improve click-through rates up to 35%

  • As an official Google Review Partner, your automated Trustpilot reviews count toward your Google Seller Rating in paid ads

  • Showing Seller Ratings on your organic listings can boost your ads’ click-through rates

  • Trustpilot Product Review widgets can help you acquire GSRs and Rich Snippets

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"Our reviews subsequently help to qualify higher-funnel buyers - those in the research stage who are deciding where to buy. Seeing our average 9.2 score and our excellent rating helps that audience trust us more, and subsequently helps us to convert those researchers into customers."

Laura Whiting, Digital Content Manager


"There are always things we can learn from our customers and even the positive reviews have nuggets of information that can help make the service we give to them better. If someone gives us a four star, we want to ensure that we understand what wasn’t perfect for them and try to resolve that as best we can at the source."

Christopher McKay, Head of Brand Engagement


"In the last 18 months, Trustpilot has helped us better understand our customers' needs and wants. We have used the reviews to reward colleagues and identify opportunities to improve our customer experience. This feedback is essential to build and sustain excellence within our organisation. We may not always like the reviews, but they are vital for us to continue to get better."

David Young, CEO

Home Logic

"We have seen up to a 20% increase in CTR when comparing ads displaying the extensions to those that are not, further solidifying the impact these star ratings can have."

Charlie Clark, Digital Marketing Manager

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Home Logic Case Study Trustpilot
Home LogicHome Logic

*Since Home Logic has implemented Trustpilot widgets all over their sites, SEO and Paid Media Campaigns, they have observed a 5% increase in conversion rate. Read more in this case study. *

trustpilot_helped_a_digital_agency_boost_their_client_s_conversions version 2
Epiphany & Furniture ChoiceEpiphany & Furniture Choice

*Furniture Choice displays their Trustpilot reviews and showcases their amazing 9.3 Trustscore across all channels. As a result they saw an incredible 22% increase in conversion rate. - find out how. *

vivint and trustpilot reviews

*This case study explores 5 ways that Vivint uses reviews to generate quality leads. Including optimising paid search, converting traffic to leads and increasing confidence at key conversion points. *

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