How zChocolat Integrated 9 APIs in Two Weeks with Trustpilot

venerdì 23 marzo 2018
Zchokolat case study

"Everyone we have spoken to including Brahim and Aurélie have been very helpful, pertinent and fast." - Jean Philippe Khodara, President of zChocolat

zChocolat partnered with Truspilot’s on October 16th, 2016. zChololat’s co-Founder and CEO Jean-Philippe Khodara, was impressed by how fast and simple the integration process was, and how easy it was to customize. The set-up took only two weeks thanks to Trustpilot’s Onboarding agent, Aurélie. She handled the integration over the phone with the CEO, the Marketing Manager, the Search Engine Marketing Manager and the developers of the company.

Aurélie was wowed by the company as well: “At the end of the call the whole team was totally convinced of the product value and ready to start ASAP with a customized and complex API set-up.”

Why did zChocolat sign up for Trustpilot?

zChocolat partnered with Trustpilot “to provide our prospects and customers with a truly objective review of the quality of our chocolates and services,” said Jean-Philippe.

The company required an API set-up to cover nine potential scenarios so that all customers would have a customized review collection experience. This required:

  • One API dedicated to review invitations to former customers

  • One API dedicated to review invitations to current customers

  • One API for Customer Service reps to easily send a review invitation during support calls

Each API was created for three different languages, hence zChocolat ultimately had nine customized review invitation scenarios. Trustpilot took on the challenge, working closely with zChocolat’s team to achieve their invitation goals in only two weeks time!

Jean-Philippe added: “Everyone we have spoken to has been very helpful, pertinent and fast.”

How does zChocolat use their Trustpilot account?

Collecting reviews

zChocolat collects reviews following product delivery. For their business, it’s the best time to ensure customers can comment on their full experience.

Reading and answering reviews

Upon receiving reviews, the customer service team reads and responds to each reviewer individually. The one-to-one communication allows zChocolat to resolve issues personally, improve their service and provide affirmation to happy customers. Their business especially appreciates negative reviews because it allows them to figure out what they are not doing well enough and improve.

According to Jean-Philippe, “We spend a lot of time responding to all comments, including 5 star ratings. Each review is attended to professionally. Each brand advocate is identified thanks to Trustpilot.”

Identifying brand advocates to improve retention

zChocolat loves using their reviews to identify brand advocates. By giving attention to satisfied customers, they are able to improve an already good experience and so provide the extra push they need to recommend zChocolat to their social circles.

Displaying reviews and scores on different channels to improve trust

In addition to their nine API systems, zChocolat uses an API to send new reviews from their Trustpilot business profile to selected pages of their website, in real-time. The company also displays their TrustScore on their homepage, social media channels and in newsletters. They’ve discovered that displaying all new reviews on their website helps convert more customers and generate a greater sense of trust in their business. By displaying their latest reviews, zChocolat can also showcase their customer service and demonstrate their company is ready to take on any order - a compelling offer for anyone craving delicious chocolates!

Motivate the teams

“Our Trustpilot Reviews are a direct consequence for our teams’ work from sales to logistic” says Jean-Philippe.

zChocolat shares their reviews internally to keep their employees in touch with the value of their work, especially teamwork. The content of each reviews impacts the whole organization so it’s critical all team members are working together to provide a positive experience for customers. Reviews close the transparency gap between teams, revealing what each team is doing well and where it might be lagging so that every employee is fully educated.


Since subscribing to Trustpilot a month ago, zChocolat has collected more than 200 reviews! Their TrustScore of 9.4/10 is proudly displayed on their website and throughout many of their other marketing materials. The partnership between Trustpilot and zChocolat runs smoothly, allowing their business to connect with customers directly, address issues and boost trust in their business. These are very promising results for such a recent collaboration and prove that any company can achieve great results by listening carefully to their customers.