We build software to help people speak to each other.

Gnatta's integrated contact solution sits between all your channels and systems to bring all customer communication together. Every interaction with an individual is part of a connected conversation, leading to faster resolution to enhanced turnaround rates.


Why Trustpilot & GNATTA?

This partnership brings Trustpilot reviews into the customer conversation via automatic profile aggregation. The Gnatta application bridges the gap between your brand and customer, enabling you to drive more reviews and work to improve experiences for customers.

The integration

Pull historic and new customer reviews into Gnatta. Relevant reviews are then automatically assigned to an operator via the workflow system. Operators can reply publicly (following Trustpilot policy) and can be trained to use the contextual information from the customer’s profile to continue the conversation on the customer’s preferred channel and resolve the issue.

This integration is developed and maintained by Gnatta.

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