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For nearly 15 years, Flying Point Digital has been at the vanguard of digital marketing. Our innovative ideas and strategies have consistently helped our clients lead the way and stay ahead of the pack.

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Why Trustpilot & Flying Point Digital?

Flying Point Digital, which was acquired by Women’s Marketing in May 2015, is a full service boutique digital marketing agency headquartered in New York. Flying Point focuses on enterprise ecommerce and retail brands such as Aerosoles, Destination XL, Adrianna Papell, London Fog and Paula’s Choice. Flying Point Digital core competences include SEO, PPC, social media management, reputation management, display and content marketing.

For nearly 15 years, Flying Point Digital has been at the vanguard of digital marketing. Our innovative ideas and strategies have consistently helped our clients lead the way and stay ahead of the pack. Our results-oriented approach, rooted in data-driven marketing, ensures we build client success stories with measurable results. As an agency focusing on retail and e-commerce marketing, we understand the unique needs of retail businesses and how to best engage and convert visitors into customers.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve it is important for brands to adopt a flexible approach to their digital strategy. In today’s world, brands can no longer manage their digital presence in a siloed fashion. The market is fragmenting, and consumer touchpoints continue to increase. As a result, FPD puts a holistic strategy in place for its clients—one that focuses on the synergies across multiple channels and magnifies results.

At the heart of everything we do is a sound content and communication strategy. We leverage first- and third-party data across all channels to identify target audience groups and then build custom messaging that resonates with each. These “micro-communications” support the overall brand messaging and impact the performance of direct-response channels. We identify the greatest channels of influence based on client goals and objectives and build a marketing plan to drive action across all digital channels.

If you are looking for a digital partner to challenge your strategic thinking and improve your digital presence, contact us today to see if you qualify for a free evaluation.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Flying Point has been a key longtime partner of Destination XL Group. The continued influx of new ideas keeps us evolving year after year. Even more importantly they continue to deliver us results" — JASON NIGRELLI - VP of E-commerce, Destination XL Group

“Flying Point leverages SEO and SEM strategies to position our brand effectively on search engines. We can rely on Flying Point Digital to innovate based on e-commerce best practices and trends as our brand continues to grow" — JIYE SONG - Digital Marketing Manager, London Fog

How Flying Point Partners with Trustpilot to Add Value for Our Clients

Trustpilot’s Influence on Paid Search

When it comes to driving conversions, it’s important to have a review source that’s both reputable and recognizable by customers. Trustpilot provides our clients with a review source that customer’s actually trust, which helps to increase conversions both in marketplaces that display merchant star ratings, but also through traditional PPC campaigns. Paid search traffic usually consists of people unfamiliar with our clients’ brands, but having the Trustpilot seal, and star rating helps to provide shoppers a level of security that helps to increase conversions and ROI.

Trustpilot & SEO Ranking factors

Trustpilot helps increase conversions which in turn help to also increase user engagement metrics, which is considered a ranking factor. When it comes to the trust seal, having a trust seal from a reputable site like Trustpilot can make influencers more comfortable sharing a client’s site, leading to increased site authority and SEO performance.

Social Media and Reputation Management

When it comes to keeping customers happy, Trustpilot offers our social media management team an array of tools to manage customer reviews. In the unfortunate situation where a customer isn’t happy, we are able to use the tools offered to speak directly with the customer on behalf of the brand and rectify the situation with our clients’ customer service team.

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