Why a true reputation matters to Trueshopping.co.uk

Monday, March 19, 2018
trueshopping true reputation

In competitive markets, the emphasis you place on service can make all the difference.

That’s what UK-based online bathroom retailer Trueshopping Ltd has realised. After collecting and sharing online reviews actively, it has seen remarkable results across the majority of their 18 different websites.

That includes an 8.33% overall website conversion rate and a huge increase in the number of brand searches after achieving Seller Rating Extensions on their Google ads.

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Trueshopping realised that the key to success was to give potential customers the information they were really looking for. As Peter Lilley, Director of Trueshopping, explains:

"People now expect to see reviews. We're confident in our service offering and are happy to share our reviews… Simply publishing reviews on websites leaves a positive impression and increases overall trust."

Trueshopping used Kickstart Credits to get started with Trustpilot and it received its first reviews within a few days. That proved the concept, so it began collecting reviews across several of its websites. Trueshopping also strove to distribute its online reviews by adding the TrustBox on its websites and Facebook pages.

Trustpilot Business really stood out when we were researching a vendor for our online reviews back in 2011, and this solution seemed to tie in with Google really well.
Peter Lilley, Director

Trueshopping saw great results on its AdWords campaigns:

  • The overall CTR on its ads improved by 3.85%.
  • Organic brand searches almost doubled ( from 4.8% to 7.96%).

Ultimately, this means more business for Trueshopping. Also, after implementing widgets displaying the most recent reviews directly on Trueshopping websites, the overall website conversion rate increased by 8.33%. Today, Trueshopping is working with fixed goals for all the sites for which it is collecting reviews. It aims for a TrustScore of 9 on all its sites, which is equivalent to a five-star rating. So far, it enjoys five-star ratings on six of its websites, and it’s still going strong.

Being a pure play online retailer makes it more challenging to engage with your customers directly. By getting reviews in every day, you are continuously reminded what your customers need and what you are in business for in the first place.
Peter Lilley, Director, Trueshopping

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