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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Last year we saw our TrustBox widgets surpass one billion impressions online. The value in openly and honestly displaying reviews on your website is clear. But what about everywhere else?

At Trustpilot, we know the power of reviews extends far beyond the boundaries of and your website. So, we asked our customers across the globe to show us how they used Trustpilot in their marketing campaigns. Check out our favorites below, and what customers have to say about them:


MailMyPrescriptions - Television ad airing on over 50 local and cable television channels and networks

“By utilizing TrustPilot reviews we have an opportunity to let our customers tell others their story to not just friends and family, but the country. These stories validate the customer has reinvented the pharmacy experience, and we are using Trustpilot to reinvent storytelling.” -- Santo J. Leo, Founder, CEO & President, MailMyPrescriptions

TrailersPlus - In-Store and on Facebook

“Trustpilot reviews have helped our company move forward in a positive way. Customer feedback is the best way to improve the day to day performance of our businesses as well as correct the negative experiences or concerns some customers might have had. We have really enjoyed using Trustpilot and it has served an integral role with our company. Thank you!” -- Ashley Brown, Assistant Marketing Manager, TrailersPlus


Trailers Plus displays their best reviews across 60 TrailersPlus locations nationwide - instilling confidence in potential customers who come in looking to buy a new trailer.

inkbox - Instagram Stories

“Reviews can be super powerful, especially when you show them in a fun and creative way. Instagram stories allow us to show our Trustpilot reviews to an already engaged and interested audience.Every time we show our reviews on our IG stories we have around 40,000 eyes on it, so the influence is definitely there.” -- Braden Handley, President/Co-Founder, inkbox


Inkbox, a semi-permanent tattoo company, proudly displays their reviews on their Instagram Stories - putting testimonials where their target audience is already looking!

Surety Bonds - Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

“Engagement rate is significantly higher when we use reviews compared to a lot of what we share online. Big, happy faces accompanied by a real customer review seems to resonate well with people scrolling through their news feed. Being an online business, our excellent team behind the scenes rarely gets the public recognition it deserves. Our service is far and away the best in the surety industry. It's easy for us (and our competitors) to make such claims, so we rely on reviews from our customers to drive that fact home to new prospects doing research.”
-- Michael Henderson, Digital Marketing Director, Surety Bonds


Surety Bonds, a trusted source for surety bond solutions, uses the search tool, in combination with Trustpilot’s Image Generator tool to highlight their hard-working team members and to show customers that they are in good hands.

JumpSport, Inc. - Print Advertisement

“Trustpilot stars and logo provide credibility for audiences who've never heard of us. Almost every new business relationship we make comments on seeing our ad in Southwest.” -- Forrest Bless, Director of Marketing, JumpSport, Inc.


JumpSport includes their Trustpilot rating in print ads to promote their credibility while reaching new audiences interested in purchasing Trampolines.

Tawkify - Email Referral Campaign

“189 friend referrals were submitted and from those invitations we acquired 49 new customers (so 49 people accepted the invitation and signed up)” -- Valerie Ackler, Editor and Content Manager, Tawkify.

Tawkify, a dating-service, sent out a sweet Valentines Day email campaign, enticing customers to refer friends with double the usual referral credit. They included some reviews in the email as their own love stories from customers.


Laguna Pearl - Facebook Integration

Laguna pearl, an online pearl jewelry company, uses Trustpilot Facebook Integration to showcase their reviews on social media.

"Trustpilot has worked wonders for our brand," said Leon Rbibo, President of Laguna Pearl.

laguna pearl facebook trustpilot integration


MyOptique Group Ltd. - Flyers, Subway/ Tube, TV broadcast & Email

“Building trust is key to MyOptique Group, especially for prescription glasses, a fashion accessory one wears every day, and a medical device. This is why we have been featuring our Trustscore on all key customer touch points: our site, of course, but also on emails, social media and in our marketing campaigns, most notably in the Tube and on TV. Ultimately, our existing customers are our best advocates and showcasing their enthusiastic reviews is the best way to build trust with new customers.” -- Jonathan Zetlaoui, Head of Customer Experience & Analytics, MyOptique Group Ltd.


MyOptique Group, an eyewear retailer, does it all when it comes to promoting their 5-star rating in marketing initiatives for their international brand, Glasses Direct. Convincing potential customers to purchase a health-related and fashion accessory product online may not be an easy task. But, by including their rating in advertisements and commercials they show potential customers they have a seal of trust from thousands of customers.

Atom bank PLC - Twitter

“Now that we have our 5-star rating, which we’re incredibly proud of, we’re going to share it wide and far. Our two biggest audiences sit with our newsletter, ‘Inside Atom’ and on our official Twitter channel, the latter having over 20k followers. As such, they seemed like the natural places to start. To date, the tweet has received nearly 30k views, but this is just the start. We’ve also created a ‘highlight’ on our Instagram channel of some of the latest reviews, which we’ll look to update monthly. Over the coming weeks we’ll look to push this message across more of our social channels and spread the good news!” -- Leigh Peacock-Goodwin, Brand & Communication Manager, Atom bank PLC


Atom bank, a smartphone app-based bank, created a 20 second video post for Twitter to celebrate reaching a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Atom bank is very active on Twitter and communicates with majority of their clients and prospects via this social media channel. What better way to celebrate the 5-star achievement than with a fun and eye catching post? No wonder it has nearly 30k impressions!

Fords of Winsford Ltd. - TV broadcast, Social Media

“Our core values are trust and transparency. We feel by inviting all our customers to leave feedback and displaying our TrustScore we can successfully portray our message across. After all, our customers are the best form of advertising.” -- Ben Mills, Digital Marketing Manager, Fords of Winsford Ltd.


“I’d like to think having the score on our ads backs up the rest of the messages and gives them more of a human touch rather than just another corporate ad trying to sell something” -- Nathan Quayle, Group Marketing Manager, Fords of Winsford Ltd.

Fords of Winsford, a car supermarket, leverages the Trustpilot logo and their 5-star rating in TV commercials to encourage interested viewers to check out their stellar customer reviews. They are also very active on social media and use the Image Generator tool to create engaging and informative posts that have increased their customer interaction.


ABC Leksaker AB - Blog Content

“We are a small business in a competitive online marketplace. Trustpilot allows us to collect reviews from all of our customers quickly and easily - and showing those reviews in a way that gives our website higher credibility and "social proof". The automation of the review process, both for company and product reviews, means that we can spend our time focusing on the things that make our customers happier. We are proud of our star rating - and Trustpilot's tools make it easier to show our positive feedback on our website, in our e-mail marketing, and in our social media marketing. “ -- Leigh Niel, Founder, ABC Leksaker AB

download (1)

ABC Leksaker, an online toy store, showcases their star rating and reviews on their blog to show customers they are the prefered choice when it comes to safe and fun toys. In one blog post (pictured above), they created a word cloud with the most popular words used in their Trustpilot reviews. “Quick,” or in Swedish “Snabb,” is a word that appeared most often and one they are very proud of.

Sambla AB - Retargeting/remarketing online advertisement

“We believe that Trustpilot greatly improves our customer relations by continuously asking for feedback about our service. At Sambla we also incorporate Trustpilot in our marketing as well as a follow up tool to ensure that we always improve our service” -- David Tystberger, Digital Marketing Manager, Sambla AB


Sambla is a private loan facilitator and one of their most important marketing strategies is to resume contact with users who have visited their website and started an application, but for some reason did not complete the application. They leverage their Trustpilot rating in their remarketing ads to remind inactive users how satisfied Sambla customers are - a 9 out of 10 satisfied. These ads run on Facebook and their average CTR is 2.17%, which is 387% higher than the Facebook benchmark within the finance vertical.


MLM-Parts B.V. - Event / Convention stand

“Ecommerce is all about trust. And Trustpilot helps people trust us. At the fair, we wanted a stand where people would see we're a webshop in an instant. It is strategic to then show them we can be trusted at that same moment. And the fact that we willingly disclose this information shows our focus on excellent customer service. Our TrustScore and star rating helped us do just that!“ -- Beirem Ben Barrah, Marketing Director, MLM-Parts B.V.

LRMLMParts Motorbeurs2018 13

MLM-Parts, a motorcycle parts webshop, created a banner with a snapshot of their website’s home page including their Trustpilot rating for a motorcycle fair in Utrecht, Netherlands. This event was an opportunity for them to show who the motorcycle fanatics are behind the MLM-Parts online business. Showcasing this banner ensured customers recognized their business and new prospects noticed their business’s commitment to their customers evidenced by their glowing recommendations.


Billig-Flyt ApS - Bus and public transportation

“I wanted to show our customers that we take our work seriously, what better way to prove it with top ratings in Trustpilot? Also to brag about it :-)” -- Erhan Karakus, CEO, Billig-Flyt ApS


Billig-Flyt, a moving company, promotes their 5-star rating on their Copenhagen public bus advertisements. They created two difference adverts for these buses, one positioned along the outside of the bus and another smaller version hung on the inside. This mobile billboard is great exposure as the buses give Billig-Flyt advertising coverage across their primary area - it’s a lot of eyes catching sight of those five green stars!

If you’re feeling inspired, download Trustpilot Marketing Assets to create your own advertising with stars or reviews!

If you have any further questions about using Trustpilot’s branding assets to optimize your marketing campaigns, reach out to and we’ll help you make the most impact with your reviews.

Thank you to all our customers who submitted their marketing work to participate in this blog post. We are so delighted to see all the creative ways you are adding your Trustpilot score and ratings in marketing initiatives. It’s a new breed of marketing and it’s taking off like wildfire!

Learn more about Trustpilot and how our reviews can positively impact your marketing, and create your free account by clicking the link below:


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